Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Scrolling Sections & New Blogger Templates - HOWTO

I decided to add a keyword for the name of each artist/band I've blogged. When I finished my 'Group by Keyword' section was a mile long. My solution was to make that section scrollable. Here's HOWTO do it yourself.

1.) Log into your Blogger account
2.) Go to 'Edit HTML'
3.) Save your current template
4.) Click 'Expand Widget Templates'
5.) Search for the section title 'Group by Keyword'

Note in blue below I have shown the beginning and end of the 'Group by Keyword' section.

6.) Add the two lines shown in green

<b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Group by Keyword' type='Label'>
<b:includable id='main'>
<b:if cond='data:title'>
<div class='widget-content'>
<!-- KEYWORD SCROLL begin --><div style='height: 200px; overflow: auto'>
<b:loop values='data:labels' var='label'>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:label.url'>
<a expr:href='data:label.url'><data:label.name/></a>
<!-- KEYWORD SCROLL end --></div>
<b:include name='quickedit'/>

7.) Save your template

What this does is it encapsulates everything between those two green lines onto a 'div' then forces that div to a fixed height. In this case I chose 200 pixels (200px).

The 'overflow: auto;' is what tells that div -- if there is more data than can be displayed then slap a scrollbar on it.

I left everything else to default (width etc.) but you could, if you're feeling fancy, customize the scrollbar (color, style, etc..) using further CSS. Explore that on your own.

DO NOT place those green lines within a loop. This widget has a loop -- shown in red. I didn't try it but I suspect you'll get a 200 pixel high div for every single keyword and no scrollbars. That would be bad.

Though I did this for my 'Group by Keyword' section it should, in theory, work for just about any section. Again -- explore that on your own.



Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lou Dawson - Cold Coffee and Advice

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/06/07

Lou Dawson
listen to the music of Lou Dawson and one thing I always hear in her voice regardless of the lyric is strength.

It's a strength that's tangible. A strength that makes you think.

You want to know how it got there, how it works, how it found you and how you can find it.

All that and at the same time you're just loving the song sans complexia in some bizarre twist of 'action versus reaction' neutrality.

Very difficult to explain.

They say "a picture paints a thousand words". I believe music is much the same so I included her song 'Cold Coffee' to go with some words she sent out this morning.

"late night musings

"happiness and success" is not something you are OWED.. it is something that you EARN.. every day of your life.. even after you "achieve it".

this is not something you can buy in a book or watch in a movie you heard about on oprah.

just be nice.
don't talk about it.
don't read about it.
don't think about it.
otherwise it doesn't count.

got it?

and by nice i mean EVERYONE, servers, elderly, cashiers, addicts, the homeless, and even those misguided unpleasant ones with unrealistic expectations of the aformentioned. they are the true challenge.

know why? because all of them are someones son or daughter, someones brother or sister. which in turn makes them YOURS.

for some reason we have been led to exist in selfishness. with no consideration for the unfathomable [amount] of life that [exists] outside of our own minds.

live like it means something.. because it does.

stop judging, stop hating stop complaining..

no religion here... i don't $buy$ into that.

love is free.

just like you.
" ~Lou Dawson

Friday, October 05, 2007

Cherry Pick: Paris

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/05/07,10/06/07

top an outright deluge of incredibly good music on the independent rock, pop, electro, dance and indie scene these past few years ride those incredible Scandinavians hanging ten and sounding like a million ...uh... Krona? Kroner? ...

From Swedens' capital city of Stockholm I find Paris -- a group who's been around since 2003. They're practically antiques by today's standards but I swear they sound as fresh as ever (I wanted sooo bad to say "as an eighteen year old on prom night.")

My introduction came via their indie pop song called 'Captain Morgan' from their 2005 release 'Secrets on tape' in which you'll find mention of several people including 'Barry Gibb' with a request to come sing some tunes in his falsetto -- I had to sit down I laughed so hard. All that aside it's a great song and so are their others.

My only shock is that they'd name themselves "Paris". Doesn't that bury much of heir press beneath that of Paris Hilton? Then again perhaps it actually does just the opposite and snags them a lot of good wrong turns. Hmmm... In truth I'm betting they hadn't thought of this at all -- I only mentioned it because my searches on them were nearly burried to the hilt-on... and also clumped with the rap artist Paris.

They released a third album this year (2007) 'The Landlord is kind enough to let us have our little sessions' on their own indie label Parismusic and I'm thinking I just don't get around enough that I missed them by a four year swath! KeeRipes...

Better late than never.


Captain Morgan

When I Laid My Eyes On You

[ website | myspace | discog ]

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Cherry Vid: From a Tower by LoveLikeFire

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/04/07

ere's a great song by LoveLikeFire called From a Tower.

It's from their EP 'An Ocean in the Air' which you can order here.

I just found them myself so you know almost as much as I do - they rock.

Hit their myspace profile and you'll know exactly as much as I do - they consistently rock.

From a Tower by LoveLikeFire

[ website | myspace ]

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Trespassers William - Chords - Different Stars

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/02/07

Trespassers William
his is my transcription of the title track from the Trespasser's William album Different Stars (2002-2004 SR, Bella Union, Nettwerk).

I originally posted it to ultimateGuitar.com back in march of 2006 but it has since been picked up by many other sites and tabcrawlers.

To date it is, by a huge margin, the most popular transcription I've ever posted. I still get regular emails about it.

A very loved song.

Different Stars by Trespassers William

G# 466544
E x76454
B x24442
F# 244322
G#m 466444
C#sus2 x46644

G# E B F# (2 times)

G# E B F#
so you'd sing a lul ---- laby to get me to sleep
so it's no surprise my eyes are never heavy
for i've not seen you in the flesh for so long
that i'm not sure we would know each other at all

C#sus2 /

(2 times)
G#m F# C#sus2 /
oh the weight it must be light wherever you are
and i know you don't think twice wherever you are

G# E B F# (2 times)

G# E B F#
so i will hum alone too far from you
all that i say now is nothing to you
we will lie under different stars
i am where i am when you're where you are (you are...

C#sus2 /
you are)

G#m F# C#sus2 /
oh the weight it must be light wherever you are
and i know you don't think twice wherever you are
and i'd ask if you're allright wherever you are
and do you think of me you might wherever you are

G#m F# C#sus2 / (3 times)

G#m F# C#sus2 /
la da da, da da, da da da
la da da, da da, da da da
la da da, da, da da
la da da, da da, da da da

G#m F# C#sus2 / (2 times)

[ website | myspace | blog ]

Monday, October 01, 2007

Susanne Sundfør - KGRL.fm Artist of the Month

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/01/07,10/06/07

Susanne Sundfør
heck this out.

KGRL.fm Radio has featured Susanne Sundfør as their October 2007 Artist of The Month

I wrote a small review for her new album awhile back and at that time it was very frustrating because information about her was sparse. Well not anymore! KGRL.fm has done a beautiful job with loads of information.

There is a bio (by far the most comprehensive I have seen yet for Susanne), interview, gallery, videos, a signed CD giveaway contest and more.

Get over there and check it out -- they really did Susanne right and she's so deserving.

KGRL.fm you rock!

[ KGRL.fm - Susanne Sundfør | website | myspace | Susanne Sundfør LP (Hardcopy) ]

Gileah and The Ghost Train - Chords - The Devil

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/01/07

Gileah Taylor & Ava Quigley
The Devil by Gileah and The Ghost Train

Meter is mixed - here's the basic tick count
Em C / / / / / / Em Am G / / / / / Em Am G /
D / / / C G / / / / / / /
For the outro use only the second line.
x (below) == Feedback drown-out. Sounds like the G
is just held an extra beat

Em C Em Am G
When the devil comes like a good angel,
Em Am G D C G
but with a loose tongue. I can't save you now.
Em C Em Am G
When my heart breaks from all your mistakes,
Em Am G D C G
the times are changing. I can't save you now.
Em C Em Am G
When all your friends leave you broken,
Em Am G D C G
leave you to your disease, I can't save you then.
Em C Em Am G
I have longed for change, Oh to see you choose,
Em Am G D C G
Oh, you can't refuse, the Savior's hand.
x C Em Am G
I have prayed for change, Oh, to see you choose,
Em Am G D C G
Oh, you can't refuse, the Savior's hand.
Oh, you can't refuse, the Savior's hand.
I only care for you, my dearest friend.

[ website | myspace | merch | album review]

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gileah and The Ghost Train - Gileah and The Ghost Train LP

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/29/07
Cover Design by Jeremy Beasley
Gileah and The Ghost Train
wo years following the release of Gileah Taylor's well received album 'The Golden Planes' (2005) comes her latest project Gileah and The Ghost Train and a new self titled debut LP.

The initiate contract of producer Allen Salmon's new label The Love Library the band, fronted by Gileah Taylor (vox, keys, guitars), consists of Kevin Woerner (electric guitars) and Ava Quigley (vox, guitars, omnichord). Session players include Allen Salmon himself (bass, programming, "Odds and Ends") and Ben Phillips (drums).

While 'The Golden Planes' has a very close up and personal 'in the same room' feel to it this new album widens that space and has a larger heavier footprint. The former made use of negative space in constructs built on sparsity whereas the latter leaves almost nothing of the canvas uncolored.

This is a serpentine venture through quasi-gothic spiritualism who's stories coil and writhe around love and faith in their many shades including the inherent and the antithetical.

Lent the edge of Kevin Woerner's electric guitar and the joyous talents of Ava Quigley this album takes a much deeper reach into rock space, both in darkness and in light, than Gileah's previous efforts without sacrificing depth or any of the warmth for which she's known. In fact I find this, by no short measure, to be her most compelling and passionate work to date.

Being a long time fan of The Wilshires (myspace), Rilo Kiley (myspace) and The Cardigans (myspace) I'd say if you like any of them (or anything even remotely close) this is a shoe-in for you.

Scheduled to drop this October 23rd (2007) 'Gileah and The Ghost Train' promises to be one of the best rock/pop-rock albums released this year. It's available for pre-order right now -- see merch below.
[ website | myspace | merch ]

Gileah Taylor
elow is a live video of the song 'All I Know'.

I'm quite fond of this one. It's a great performance and the audio quality of the recording is excellent by YouTube standards.

Dig that hair thing Gileah's got going there -- smokin' or what?

Kudos to Bala Boyd for capping this.

Gileah and The Ghost Train - All I Know (live)

Track Listing
01.) The Devil
02.) The Emergency
03.) The Escape
04.) The Lazarus
05.) The Light Princess
06.) The Lion In Love
07.) The Satellite
08.) The Shadow
09.) The Slave
10.) The Spirit

The Devil by Gileah and The Ghost Train
When the devil comes like a good angel, but with a loose tongue. I can't save you now. When my heart breaks from all your mistakes, the times are changing. I can't save you now. When all your friends leave you broken, leave you to your disease, I can't save you then. I have longed for change, Oh to see you choose, Oh, you can't refuse, the Savior's hand. I have prayed for change, Oh, to see you choose, Oh, you can't refuse, the Savior's hand. I only care for you, my dearest friend.

[ website | myspace | merch ]

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sing Sister Sing!

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/25/07

My mind is all a'clutter and full to breach-point these days with musical wonderment but I may have found some therapy to ease the inter-cranial pressure.

Check out my tumblelog Sing Sister Sing!.

I intend to keep this blog running as usual. In fact I'm working on improvements to it (in form, format and function) with fervent diligence. With any luck some of that will bear fruit before too long.

Meantime I setup Sing Sister Sing! as a place to pour my thoughts and things I run across relating to women and music -- as they happen or as memory re-summons.

I've set it up to import feeds from this and my other blogs so -- could be fun, and should definitely lead to you good music one way or another.

It's only about 48 hours old and has, I believe, all of 6 hits. Show it some love.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AddThis Widget & New Blogger Templates - HOWTO

I tried adding the "cool" new version of the AddThis bookmarking widget to this blog and found that it did not work as advertised. It was shown to have a dropdown menu, but that was not the case.

This is most likely due to the new lingo blogger's new templates use.

I searched for a bit until my patience timer ran out and having found no information with a fix -- I wrote one myself.

Rather than have a lot of people ask me how to make it work I thought I'd save myself a ton of time and just post a short HOWTO right here where you can see it working.

First register yourself with AddThis if you haven't already.

Now follow these instructions:

1.) Log into your Blogger account
2.) Go to 'Edit HTML'
3.) Click 'Expand Widget Templates'
4.) Search for: <!-- quickedit pencil -->
5.) Add the following code immediately above it -- no edits required

<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button BEGIN -->
<div class="snarf-border">
<script type = 'text/javascript'>
addthis_url = '<data:post.url/>';
addthis_title = '<data:post.title/>';
addthis_pub = '<data:blog.url/>';
type='text/javascript' />
<!-- AddThis Bookmark Button END -->
If your template adds borders to images and you don't want this widget to have a border then go to the top of the template and search for:

body {

then find the closing brace '}' for the 'body {' block and right beneath it add the following code:

.snarf-border a img { border: none; }



Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cherry Pick: Allie Fancher

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/18/07
Photo by Melany Hallgren
Allie Fancher
t was the tirelessly dedicated Mark Collins of Women of the '90s radio (see links on sidebar) who guided me to Allie Fancher and her wonderful folk-rock.

Her songs flow smoothly and she's got a way with hooking you both on verse and chorus. This is the kind of music you can't help but sing along with.

She has a darling of a song called Look Good Feel Good up on her myspace profile that you can download free as of this writing. It's very catchy -- guaranteed to bring you back to her and the rest of her music.

That is my goal.
Allie's music can be purchased at her live performances.

Cherry Pick: Sharron Kraus

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/18/07
Photo by Barron Bixler
Sharron Kraus
inger songwriter Sharron Kraus's voice is like liquid that bubbles and warbles it's way up and down through songs that are by my reckoning muchly like bare'ish noir roots music with it's tail still halfway into Ireland.

She's got three songs available to freely download as of this writing.

- Bruton Town
- On the Chase
- Uncle Rat

I recommend starting with On The Chase.

If dark folk lights your fire you'll warm straight away to Sharon Kraus.

Get 'em while you can and fall yourself in love with this music.

[ website (you can purchase here) | myspace ]

Cherry Pick: Therese Åhs

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/18/07

Therese Åhs
while back large hearted Kelley Martin of Acoustic Pie internet radio (see links on sidebar) pointed me to Gothenburg,
Sweden's Therese Åhs via Therese's alter ego Natalie Moody.

What I heard was a beautiful (and HUGE) voice singing a dreamy original song called Outside.

And good news (ya freeloaders) on the song -- she currently has it available for free download on her myspace page.

Excellent promo since I can't imagine anyone hearing this song and this voice and not wanting more.

You can find the lyrics >here<.

[ website | myspace: Therese Åhs / Natalie Moody ]

Monday, September 17, 2007

Bat For Lashes - Fur and Gold

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/17/07, 09/18/07

Fur and Gold
he LP Fur and Gold, released between 2006 and 2007 (UK-Europe to US), by Bat For Lashes (aka Natasha Khan) strikes me more as an experience than an album.

Largely 60's-70's era based arrangements provide environment for witty mini epics like Horse & I and Trophy, the anti-ballad What's A Girl To Do?, a warning of ways in Seal Jubilee, dream sequence-like tales such as I Saw A Light, a cover of Bruce Springsteen's I'm On Fire and much more.

Her early soul influence shines in the exquisitely dark Sarah, a song possibly stolen from Berry Gordy's X vault of 'WHOAtown' - the top secret just in case this other shit don't fly tainted space recordings. With words like "Chewing fingernails in her shit-eating grin" and "They cut out her heart when she was a little girl" enveloped in a pure motown sound this doll is so wrong she's right.

Her voice is unique for the most part but at times she does sound a fair bit like Bjork.

On the whole the claim is that much of what she writes is fairy tale inspired. I won't argue that but for the studious there's an entire universe of innuendo and double entendre going on in subtext. I could be wrong[1] but it's worth asking yourself exactly who The Wizard is next time you run off to shoot a lion.

When you listen to this album, and I strongly urge you to do so, be sure to give it your full ear because you're quite probably hearing the musical equivalent of an Einstein:Shakespeare mashup from a long lost angst filled mystic who's watch was stopped some forty odd years ago by an inner child playing games.

Natasha Khan's genius runs deep.

Fur and Gold is an an experience you'll be glad to have had and a prize album for any collection even remotely within earshot of rock, pop or folk.

[ website | myspace | video: What's A Girl To Do ]
[ amazon: Fur and Gold | text lyrics | handwritten lyrics ]

1And it's raining popcorn on mars.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Susanne Sundfør - Susanne Sundfør LP

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/16/07

Susanne Sundfør
ore Scandinavian grace and little bit of magic cometh our way...

Norway's Susanne Sundfør released her self titled debut LP this year and it's a beauty. If I were rich I would buy everyone a copy of this and I bet you'd all insist on paying me back -- it's that good.

The compilation is an eleven track (plus one hidden song) pop-rock album in the same vein as some of The Beatles more poignant and mellow works like Eleanor Rigby while occasionally brushing more epic skies and rich progressions that remind me of Great Northern but always rent in a personal manner.

Both the afore mentioned harmonic progressions as well as her pros are often split into opposing hues of dichotomy. She sings in celebration of resignation in what sounds like a spiritual epiphany in 'I Resign' and of strength in loneliness leading to an open door in 'Walls'. The first song will raise goosebumps -- the second will quite possibly make you want to weep and in both, as with many of her other songs, she paints the backdrop as much with her music as with her words.

When I hear her voice I think of a butterfly. It flips and flops and flutters around so casually as to appear almost clumsy and yet just as that butterfly can navigate through a field of thistle without so much as a single incident so too does Susanne flirt with notes. An excellent example is how she ends each repetition of chorus in her song 'Gravity' -- dancing about like a songbird in spring (yet again against a somewhat jaded text) and tagging every note of these lovely alternating short scales. It's breathtaking.

She doesn't sound like anyone I've ever heard but I have seen her compared to Chan Marshall and I wouldn't argue with that too much.

Every song on this album is fitfully and/or joyfully moving and filled with incredible depth. She's only twenty one years old yet she sings of things very far beyond her years. Things many artists twice her age can't touch. She's one of the brightest stars in a sky filled with brilliant constellations and I simply cannot praise her enough as an artist or suitably elevate her work on this incredible album.
Susanne Sundfør
ere's a video of Susanne performing live at Rockefeller with the KORK orchestra.

This is a beautifully charged performance. You can almost taste the electricity in the air and Susanne's disciplined composure is as stunning as her music.


'The Waves', 'Dear John' then 'After You Left'

[ website | myspace | Susanne Sundfør LP (Hardcopy) ]

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mariee Sioux - Faces in the Rocks

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/15/07

Mariee Sioux
sk yourself this: would you be able to hear the words "Mama my vein braider thousand year bone burner" pass your ears from a song without stopping everything you're doing to divert all your attention thatta-way?

Mariee Sioux instantly became one of my favorite artists for doing exactly that to me with the song 'Wild Eyes' from her debut album 'Faces in the Rocks', due to ship this October 1st, 2007.

It's a heritage-theme based folk collection that is filled with just such pros. She has a most curious and intense manner of thinking exactly like a child but articulating like an adult. I'm not sure if that's cute or spooky but it definitely provokes thought.

'Faces in the Rocks' takes you on spirit-piercing word-journeys where one minute you're soaring and the next you're 'Burried in Teeth'.

As for the music itself -- if Simon & Garfunkle had been Native American and gender-swapped I'm convinced Mariee Sioux is probably what they'd have sounded like. Listen to the flow of her finger picking and the rests and pickups in verse -- a surprising lot of common ground.

She has a sweet voice that's playful one minute and verges on angst the next. Combined with the masterful Native American flutes of Gentle Thunder and her own Father Gary Sobonya on mandolin (and a cast of a few other very talented musicians) this album truly comes to life in an intoxicating yet wisely restrained manner.

And though the engineering (Dana Gumbiner, Gentle Thunder, and Mariee Sioux herself) tops it off and really 'takes you there' these are songs of unforgettable melody and verse that are just as easily enjoyed with nothing but Mariee Sioux and her guitar.

Now that's just great folk music.

Wild Eyes by Mariee Sioux
Tiny darling ghost holder
Tiny darling ghost holder
You our soft spirit breather
You our bark skinned weaver
Remember you could weep fire
Remember you could weep fire with wild eyes
With wild eyes, ooo with those wild eyes

If you ring your cells like bells in a garden that
You plant your burdens way deep down in
And water them daily from wells of salty
Guilt for sons who pollinate the deadly
That wild eye, ooo that wild eye

Papa my pine whistler sparrow-eyed sun misser
Papa my pine whistler sparrow-eyed moon blisser
Mama my jaw clincher spirit mouthed ghost dancer
Mama my vein braider thousand year bone burner
Mama my tongue twister thousand pronged antlers
Mama my tongue twister thousant pronged antlers
Mama my vein braider thousand pronged antlers, antlers
And ooo her wild eyes, ooo her wild eyes

So I will ring my cells like bells as you
Bind your father's molecules with roots of silver
Pierce him cedars with eyes like fingers
Picking bloody flowers
His wild eyes, ooo his wild eyes

Papa my pine whistler sparrow-eyed sun misser
Papa my pine whistler sparrow-eyed moon blisser
Mama my jaw clincher spirit mouthed ghost dancer
Mama my vein braider thousand year bone burner
Mama my tongue twister thousand pronged antlers
Mama my tongue twister thousand pronged antlers
Mama my vein braider thousand pronged antlers, antlers
And ooo her wild eyes, ooo her wild eyes

Tiny green moss collector
Sweet tiny green moss collector
Remember you could catch fire
Remember you could catch fire with wild eyes
With wild eyes, ooo with those wild eyes

And once the river is rolling lower
We'll gather lichen from the boulders
We'll keep it dry inside our lockets
We'll put this town down into our pockets
We'll try...

To leave these branch arms behind
The swaying hands of pines
Their needles tugging at your skin
Trying to pull you back deep in their wooden womb
Of a hundred hearts hanging suspended, moth-eaten
Those muscles the size of your fist
All floating around your head
Not knowing who they're a loving
Not knowing how fast they're a pumping
Not knowing how hard they're a beating
Not knowing who they're a punching
Those muscles the size of your fist
All floating around your head
And throwing punches like we throw the stones to
The bottom of river beds
Who knows whose next?
To watch from under the currents
The rapids rapidly raging while rapid
While we're rapidly blinking our wild
Our wild eyes

[ MySpace | EPK | Faces in the Rocks | YouTube ]

Cherry Vid - Home by Great Northern

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/15/07

Great Northern - HomeH
ere's an awesome new video for Great Northern's song 'Home' from their 2007 debut LP 'Trading Twilight for Daylight'.

This group has all the key elements of an excellent and timeless band and that includes an eccentric imagination.

I've been dying to see a 'real' video from them since I first heard of 'em several months ago. Well -- it's here and as I expected it's totally whacked and very cherry.

Great Northern - Home

[ website | myspace | amazon.com: Trading Twilight for Daylight ]

Monday, September 03, 2007

Nancy K. Dillon - Just Let Me Dream

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/03/07, 09/15/07

Nancy K DillonIn 2004 Nancy K. Dillon released the LP Just Let Me Dream.

Though she's currently working on her next project 'Just Let Me Dream' is an album everyone who loves americana should own and I wanted to give it some attention.

While being a composite of americana, folk, folk rock and country it's the americana with it's rootsy edge that really sends this album into an orbit with the best of the best. Several of the 13 songs are true to the genre and two in particular -- 'O Susanna' and 'The Ballad of Mabel Dodge', which she wrote with Michael R. Bristow, truly stand out as americana poster children.

What is in that voice...

Nancy's got a strong smooth voice that nearly defines the word "comfort". It's rich and pure and has a sweetness to it that rings with depth. Stirred by vacancy, however, that comfort is wounded just slightly and she imparts this aspect -- comfort is haunted.

While the people she worked with to create this album are all very gifted it's Stacy Phillips, his resonator and a slide that just blaze against an already brilliant backdrop. You'd swear the man articulates his own self through that instrument for how he makes it talk and sing. Even when it's joyful it's nearly wrenching for how deeply it moves.

Of the two songs I mentioned in particular Nancy had this to say next to the lyrics of 'Mabel Dodge': "Mabel Dodge was an East Coast socialite who led the big city artists' exodus to Taos, New Mexico, in the 1930's. Her life was transformed by falling in love with a landscape and diving headlong into a trans-cultural love affair."

'O Susanna' is a song where both Nancy's voice and Stacy's resonator culminate in the same place. The only other words I can render are: If beauty were a kick in the chest this would hurt like hell.

Along with eleven other blissful tracks this album was put together with a lot of love and a lot of elbow grease.

It's every bit evident.

'O Susanna' by Nancy K. Dillon
1) O Susanna, night is coming on
Take your heart and keep it safe until the dawn
There I go again: wantin' the best for you
There you go again: sayin' that we're through... mm..mm..mm
2) O Susanna, stars light one by one
This old world keeps spinin' 'round the setting sun
There you go again: flying all apart
There I go again: the horse before the cart... mm..mm..mm
BRIDGE: Your wings are singed and sunburnt
While I sit like a stone
My stillness makes you crazy
You make me feel alone
3) O Susanna, don't you cry for me
Tune up that old banjo and play a filligree
Here we go again: dancin' on the flame
Here we go again: the music's still the same
4) O Susanna, don't you cry for me
Tune up that old banjo and play an elegy
Here we go again: dancin' on the flame
Here we go again: the music's still the same
O Susanna ...

From Nancy's myspace profile --
Musicians on "Just Let Me Dream" (besides Nancy K. Dillon) are:

Michael Hill (guitars/vocs/co-production)
Clive Gregson (voc/guitar)
Stacy Phillips (resonator guitar/twin fiddle)
John Reischman (mandolin)
Paul Elliott (fiddle)
Paula Walters (bass)
Jeff Simmons (Vox Jaguar organ)
Max Schwennsen (sax)
Murl Allen Sanders (B3/accordion)
Chris Leighton (percussion)
John Nelson (bass)
Mike Bristow (bass/songwritin')
Jay Weaver (drums)
Garey Shelton (bass/engineering/mixing)
Tom Hodge (clawhammer banjer/voc/songwritin')
Keith Lowe (bass)
Cutts Peaslee (drums)
Dan Tyack (pedal steel)
Dylan Rieck (cello)
Zoe von Beck (vocs)
Debby Nagusky (voc)
Ellen Burkett (voc)

Please seek out their music ~ these folks are just amazing!

Links for Nancy K Dillon:

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cherry Vid - Copper Red by Sierra Swan

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/02/07
Photo by Jeaneen Lund
Sierra SwanIf this doesn't get your attention I swear I'm gonna crawl right through that monitor and...

This is the video for Copper Red by former Dollshead member Sierra Swan.

It's from her 2006 debut album Ladyland.

Sierra's a bit more of a label big shot than I usually feature here but through following her personal blog and witnessing her generosity with her music and the stories behind the songs (she's been giving away songs on her myspace profile) I've come to believe that she's an echelon spanning artist suited to a wide variety of palettes including that of those who read this blog.

Nutshell: I think you'll like her.


Links for Sierra Swan:

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Azure Ray - Chords - Sea of Doubts

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/01/07

Azure RayPiece by piece I've been reeling in my transcriptions from the web so that they have a home under the roof from which they sprung.

This is my chord transcription of Azure Ray's song Sea of Doubts from their final album Hold on Love.

'Hold on Love' marked both the zenith and the end of 'Azure Ray'.

Thankfully both members of the duo, Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor, have gone on to individually create music of equal and evolving quality and mood.

So despite the bit of sour grapes some of us felt at the disbandment of 'Azure Ray', it turns out that now we get the best of each of this duo's work coming at us in parallel.

Sour grapes to fine wine -- no alchemy required.

Sea of Doubts by Azure Ray
C / Em / C / Em /

C / Em /
i told them all the ones i love
C / Em Dm
i'm leaving and i may not return
C / Em /
see lately i've been overcome
C / Em Dm
the feeling i fear has just begun

the pain i feel deep inside
that haunts us all that we will die
F C G / / /
never really knowing how it feels

C F G Em
to be alive
C F G Em

C / Em /
through mountains and over seas
C Em Dm
through misery and disease
C / Em /
a spectator i played my part
C / Em Dm
but nothing could move this heart

until i held the boy's hand
the little one spoke like a man
he showed me death and said
C G / / /
this is how you know you're alive

C F G Em
C F G Em

C / Em Dm /
a kingfisher in flight
F / C /
you'll rise above this sea of doubts
F / C / (last beat silent on "yah")
into a world full of clouds - yah

C / Em /
C / Em Dm
F C G / / /

(repeat 4 times)
C F G Em

C (silent after first beat and a capella to finish)

Links for Azure Ray:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers - The Confiscation EP

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/28/07
Photo by Samantha Lamb
Samantha Crain and the Midnight ShiversIf you've got a hankerin' for some splendid americana then this is an album I heartily recommend.

It's five blisteringly beautiful rootsy tracks by Samantha Crain and The Midnight Shivers called 'The Confiscaion EP'.

Her voice is similar to that of Erin Mckeown with a bit more chew and drawl and her music is in the tradition of folk that blossomed from the early days of bands with jugs and washboards. In fact she put out an EP prior to this called "i'm going to meet the devil and i don't know what to wear" that drops a couple notches even closer to that end.

I'm not sure if the "i'm going to meet the devil and i don't know what to wear" EP is still available but you can always hit her myspace profile and ask. It's worth your time -- neat little CD -- very raw.

I do know that as of this writing you can get 'The Confiscation EP' direct from her and that's the method I recommend. As much as I love CD Baby -- the more money you can get directly to the artist the better as far as I'm concerned.

Samantha Crain is a seriously underrated artist. It takes about a minute of your time to hear for yourself via the samples included here or the player on her myspace profile.

Tip: Try 'Beloved, We Have Expired'

You'll thank me later for this...

Samples - Double Click a Track to Listen


- Samantha Crain -
i'm going to meet the devil and i don't know what to wear EP (2006 Green Corn Rebellion Music)
All songs by Samantha Crain © 2006
1.) devils in boston
2.) house of love
3.) hold each other up
4.) river run, rock roll
5.) 400 blows
6.) goodbye darlin

- Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers -
The Confiscation EP (2007)
All songs by Samantha Crain © 2007
1.) The River
2.) Beloved, We Have Expired
3.) Traipsing Through the Aisles
4.) In Smithereens, the Search for Affinity
5.) The Last Stanchion Goes Belly Up

Links for Samantha Crain and the Midnight Shivers:

Cherry Vid - The Rain by Lou Rhodes

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/28/07

Lou RhodesThis is the new video from former Lamb singer/songwriter Lou Rhodes for her song The Rain.

It's from her forthcoming album Bloom due out next month (Sept '07).

She's pretty endearing just as a person let alone a prolific artist - here's a quote from her bio for Bloom:

“Sometimes I think, ‘My God, I keep writing all these love songs,” and I really struggle with that,” she confesses. “I think I’m a bit of an emotional junkie, you know? It seems to be what consumes me. The heart never ceases to provide me with subject matter. I don’t know why that is. Someone asked me the other day, ‘Are you in love with being in love?’ And I couldn’t really answer that question.”

Hope you enjoy this video and Lou Rhodes as much I do.

>'The Rain' - Handwritten Lryics - by Lou Rhodes<

Links for Lou Rhodes:

Monday, August 27, 2007

Alina Simone - placelessness

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/27/07
Photo by Vinciane Verguethen
Alina SimoneAlina Simone's debut LP placelessness, released this August (2007), plays partly like a disquieting recountance of people, circumstance and actions that could perhaps have been and gone better but are being related precisely because they did not and partly like endearments and yearnings that fall under the same unsettled skies.

The music is an edgy brand of sparse rock and would-be folk with blues undercurrents that combine to form a unique and cohesive flavor with a surreal bite. Throw Simone's voice into the mix, reminiscent of Tracy Marcellino[1] and Björk[2] with an added signature "wail" that dispels any and all doubt of conviction, and the results are positively hypnotic.

Placelessness is easily one of the best albums of 2007.

1.) Velvet Painting
2.) Saw Edged Grass
3.) Refugees
4.) Pacifica
5.) Swing
6.) Nightswimming
7.) Black Water
8.) Lonesome
9.) Riot Act
10.) Country of Two

Track 2 (Very Popular) Lyrics:
Saw Edged Grass:
You just took off running through the saw-edged grass --
we didn't even turn, we knew you would come back.
No one really knew... we tiptoed around the things that set
you off, like playing with matches in the high dry grass.
Run, run there you go, over the creek bed. Why are the
brilliant ones always so crazy? I know you love us more
than you love your demands, but something keeps you
running and only you can stop it. We let it go in silence.
It takes off the edge. Sometimes we wrap it up in silence,
cuz it's the only way to rescue the wildest friend. There
you go, running through the saw-edged grass (turn, turn,
you burn on the horizon). Hair whips round your face,
tumble through the weekend (underneath the overpass,
over the offramp). Something keeps you running and we
can only guess (digging up the things you hid under the
footbridge). Scratches from the branches will only give you


Links for Alina Simone:Notes & References: 1. Tracy Marcellino is the voice of LA alt/electronica band Twilight Sleep [website|myspace], 2. Björk [wiki|website|myspace]

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Leah Siegel - Little Mule

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/25/07

Leah SiegelLeah Siegel's most recent album 'Little Mule', released in 2006, is 'pick O the litter' one of the best from a year that brought us a robust population of high quality non-mainstream works.

Listening to her music is an intense experience. From ballad to board rattler her charged rock-n-roll delivery is electric and memorable.

Little Mule - Track listing:
  1. A Day At The River (With You & Your Lover)
  2. The Water
  3. The Grandma Song
  4. Sea Dragon
  5. Lemon
  6. A Trail Of Peach Pits
  7. My Heart Is A Graveyard
  8. Pin Down
  9. The Motorcycle Song
  10. Black Tile Room *
  11. Raincloud
  12. The Pond Was Dry **
All Songs Written by Leah Siegel
Except *Seve Elliot, Chris Tarry, Leah Siegel
Geoff Stanfield & Brian Wolfe
**Leah Siegel and Geoff Stanfield

Leah SiegelHer music has a signature sound but beneath that it's alternative and good old rock and roll.

The signature 'Siegel' sound is created largely through her amazing and attention grabbing voice along with what I believe are chord progressions containing a sizeable number of rich sounding 7ths and 9ths. There's also a distinct crunch to much of her overdriven guitar[§].

Of her voice and guitar --

Leah SiegelIn the song 'Pin Down' she takes her voice deep into her throat and sings softly with much emotion along a gentle rich progression. Then she soars to skin dimpling heights through a beautiful repeating straight sequence split by arpeggios that are near wont of transformation to a song in full Spanish style -- all the while tending your ears with that beautiful throaty voice.

And she can turn around and punch the pedal on songs like 'The Water'.

Both these songs, and a couple of others, have chord structures that remind me of something Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) might have put together. My mind jumps to many examples but I don't want to get burried here so I'll toss out just one -- anyone remember The Crunge, a song drenched in 6ths and 9ths that had a kind of rhythmic crunch§ or bite to the guitar?

Leah SiegelLeah Siegal is one of the hottest acts around and she's given us 'Little Mule' -- one of the best albums in recent years.

It's definitely one of my favorites.

She has some excellent tracks loaded on her myspace profile. It's a great place to start...


Links for Leah Siegel:

Friday, August 24, 2007

Cherry Pick - Jenny Lundmark

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/24/07

Jenny LundmarkI'm a huge fan of Swedish artists, which you'll be hearing more about not too far down the road, and I also like electronic, traditional (think Greensleeves or the many inerwoven themes within Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture) and world music.

Especially when it's all rolled into one package.

Most of the Swedish artists I listen to are far southerners in and about Scania -- the city of Malmö in particular. It seems many don't actually live there but rather maybe it's 'the place to be' for music in Sweden.

Time to head up north (Norrland)...

Based there in Umeå is the very versatile composer and singer Jenny Lundmark.

You may have seen her on YouTube singing and Vilsen with Swedish hip hop artists Block 44 (from their album 'I skuggan av Tellus') and you can also hear her sing with Patrik Öberg in their folk-rock/pop-rock project Below Zero.

Not enough contrast for you?

Okay dig this -- as a solo act she writes and sings in a genre that is very 'epic-world'. This one's the sweet spot for me.

While claiming influence that include Vangelis and Loreena McKennitt I believe it's the Enya sway that you'll hear above all else.

I always took Vangelis as 'epic-electronic' (Blade Runner, for example - one of my favorite movies) and Loreena McKennitt as 'celtic-world'. Enya seemed to be a fusion of both gone super nova. I'll never forget the first time I heard Orinocco Flow (Watermark - 1988) -- I could not get to a record store fast enough. And being a student of classical theory going back to the origins of scales I was beside myself with pieces like 'Cursum Perficio'.

It's in the similar vein of 'epic-world' that Jenny Lundmark writes and she's incredibly talented at it.

She currently has a few pieces up on her myspace profile from the project she's putting together.

Here's your chance to get in on something fresh with an artist in situ.

Lyrics for "Du och Jag" by Jenny Lundmark (2007)
När din blick möter min
Säg mig vad är det du ser?
När du rör vid mig
Säg mig vad är det du känner inom dig?


När din blick möter min
Stannar världen, allt blir tyst
När du rör vid mig
Tänds en låga jag ej trodde var möjlig


All den tid som vi har kvar, ska vi dela du och jag
Nu har jag fått den jag vill ha, det finns inga tvivel kvar


Links for Jenny Lundmark:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Emilie Autumn - Tarts and Bloody Crumpets - Shout-Out

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/23/07

Emilie AutumnThank you to the lovely wayward EA forum gushing lass's for your charm drenched words!

To solarfacade - you battered rose, MsLeFaye - sweet gun slinging tattle tail, Mistress TiggTea, violetfaerie (ladyjulianne oui?), beautifully miserable AngelOvRock and flee - undisputed queen of tarts (who held my hand through the acrid EA DT's) --

Thank You - I Love You!

Also a word of special thanks to the OE minxes manning the lines - your patience knows no bounds. I owe you a few evenings of misconduct and debauchery (bring your whips).


Trespassers William - Chords - Lie In The Sound

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/23/07
Photo by Todd Roeth
Trespassers WilliamThis is a transcription I did of the Trespassers William song 'Lie In The Sound' from their album 'Different Stars'.

'Different Stars' was originally self released by the band in 2002 then re-released in 2004 under the Nettwerk label.

The band is best known for their dreamy brand of folk and for the Id stirring voice of lead singer/songwriter Anna-Lynne Williams. A voice I have tried many times to describe yet never felt I could do it justice.

If you want to hear that 'sound' everyone talks about with regard to her voice then this song and the title track from the same album are two of the most knee melting examples.
Lie In The Sound by Trespassers William

Cm / Bb F (3 times)

Cm / Bb F
i love you more than i should,
Cm / Bb F
so much more than is good for
Cm / Bb F
me. more than is good.

Eb / / /

Cm / Bb F
oh the timing is cruel.
Cm / Bb F
oh i need and don't want to
Cm / Bb F
need more than i should.

Eb Gm Bb F

Bb / F /
i am falling, say my name
Bb / Gm /
and i'll lie in the sound.
Bb / F /
what is love but whatever
Bb / Gm /
my heart needs around.

Cm / Bb F
la da da da
Cm / Bb F
la da da da

Cm / Bb F
oh my sheet is so thin
Cm / Bb F
so i say i can't sleep
Cm / Bb F
because it's so very cold.

Eb / / /

Cm / Bb F
but i know what i need
Cm / Bb F
and if you were just near to
Cm / Bb F
me would you go...

Eb Gm Bb F

++++ (2 times)

Bb / F /
i am falling, say my name
Bb / Gm
and i'll lie in the sound.
Bb / F /
what is love but whatever
Bb / Gm /
my heart needs around.


Bb / F /
and it needs you too much
Bb / / /

Cm / Bb F (3 times) Eb / / /
Cm / Bb F (3 times) Eb / / /
Cm / Bb F (3 times) Eb

Links for Trespassers William:

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cherry Vid - What's a Girl To Do by Bat for Lashes

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/22/07

Natasha KhanI only found out yesterday about Bat for Lashes while reading the myspace blog of lotte kestner, a solo project of Trespassers William Anna-Lynne Williams.

Upon investigating I ran across this amazing video for the song What's a Girl To Do.

First thought: "Anna-Lynne you hear as good as you sound..."

The song is from the album Fur & Gold which was released between Sept '06 and July of '07.

If you read the Bat for Lashes bio and check out this simple yet incredible video and song we'll be of equal footing.

The brainchild of Natasha Khan, Bat for Lashes is worthy of attention.

I certainly plan on staying in tune.

Links for Bat for Lashes:

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cherry Vid - Buttons by Sia

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/21/07

SiaYesterday I ran across this and I haven't stopped laughing yet.

This is a promotional video for the song Buttons from Sia's upcoming album 'Some People Have Real Problems' slated to drop by year's end.

Buttons by Sia
you caught me pushing imaginary buttons
(step away from me lover, away from me lover)
you caught me counting imaginary school-children
(get away from me lover, away from me lover)
yes, i can see that your carpet is animated
(walk away from me lover, away from me lover)
yes, i see open wounds in everyone i dated
(away from me lover, get away from me lover)

i am no good for you
i'm seeing ghosts in everything i do

you caught me turning all the lights on and off
(walk away from me lover, away from me lover)
when will you see that i am carrying this stuff?
(walk away from me lover, away from me lover)
can't you see that i am losing my marbles?
it's marvelous, losing another, losing another

i am no good for you
i'm seeing ghosts in everything i do

Links for Sia:

Cherry Pick - Laura A and The Bad Grades

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/21/07

Laura AzzarelloThis is a bluesy rock music with a lot of soul and a spat of jazz that combines with Laura Azzarello's lush and somewhat deep voice to form an almost familiar 70's sound but with a 'less pedal busy' contemporary feel.

There's a character to her songs and her soulful voice that commands the music like someone who's been belting it out on stage a decade or two longer than this girl in her mid twenties. I was very surprised when I found out how young she is.

Laura Azzarello

The ensemble is rock solid. The guitar work is nearly edible -- electric liquid blue to light shades of fuzz. I'm easily drawn to rhythm and it was the well thought out snappy percussion of "Case of Daniel" that first sucked me in. Plenty infectious from the outset and then I got the knockout punch from Laura's killer voice -- I was hooked.

Album Artwork by Cherie Langford
Laura A and The Bad GradesYesterday I got the album 'Laura A and The Bad Grades' in my mailbox. I'm almost jealous of myself.

It's an album of wonderfully catchy songs featuring a singer that could make any band sound good and a band that could make any singer sound good.

From the album - the songs "Case of Daniel', "Can't Please 'Em All", "Senselessness", "Manhattan", "Marlboro Man", "Dixie" and "Outro for MJ" were written by Laura Azzarello who also plays keys. The Bad Grades are Andy Ellis, Mark Azzarello and Caleb Dolister.

The Laura A and The Bad Grades myspace profile adds Pia Paulamaki to the crew and says "and you if you want".

I want.

Links for Laura A and The Bad Grades:

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cherry Vid - Le Marin by Babet

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/20/07

BabetShe seems to me to have come right out of the blue -- but what a landing.

Babet has been making quite a splash on the music scene lately with the song 'Le Marin' from her new album Drole D'Oiseau.

When I first heard 'Le Marin' I was delighted. Then I saw Babet sing it on live radio and was truly captivated. There's something about this music and as much about Babet herself.

Everyone remembers groups like ABBA and The Beatles with similar cause. It's not just that they made such good music but as well they had a unique spirit in them and for what they were doing. It was alive and visceral -- so real you could feel it in the air. And it endeared them to us.

People like that are rare so I get pretty excited when I hear great music coming from personalities that are so much larger than life. They just exude charisma and everything around them lights up.

When the video for this song came out -- I was just floored.

It's a thing of beauty for it's colors and effect alone but to augment that you see Babet and that intrinsic magnetism in her facial expressions and gestures. It adds a whole other layer of magic to an already enchanting song and to this pastel land of size shifting marvels through which she walks.

You can throw all the effects in the world at a project and still end up with a whole lot of nothing. This video, on the other hand, is alive and infused with a distinct flavor that can only be described as "Babet".

This girl is one to watch in coming days and months -- and years.

Le Marin


Links for Babet:

Cherry Pick - Summer Mayne

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/20/07

Summer MayneShe writes and sings easy listening folk rock and pop with a mostly indie-pop flavor.

Her voice is usually even tempered, though earnest, but sometimes carries an endearing sadness to it - like a soft spot exposed on an otherwise very strong person.

Back in March of 2006 I ran across her website and a song that has been one of my favorites ever since called 'Nothing Left To Lose'. It's still available as of this writing here. You owe it to yourself to hear this and it's a perfect example of that sadness/strength I just described.

She's got a song up on myspace called 'Oh Light' that is also becoming a favorite of mine. As of this writing you can download it as well.

Finally, I love her myspace bio. Check this out -- and give her a shout if you like what you hear.

I drive a Volvo stationwagon. My black standard poodle Abbs sits in the passenger seat. We like burritos. Sometimes I get frustrated when it's time to take my nap and there isn't a cozy space near by. I sing a bit too loud in grocery stores. I prefer windows that open and feel sad in some high rise buildings. I read before going to sleep each night even though sometimes I have trouble stopping. I try not to let the fear fester. Florida is not a place I would ever live. Whenever I try to take shortcuts I get lost. Who I'd like to meet: People who think they have the answers. People who have no idea what the answers are. People who look for answers. People who don't believe there are answers. People who are sure the answers are different for everyone. People who are sure there is only one answer. People who believe the answer is less important than how well we love. People who love to answer. People who answer to love.

Links for Summer Mayne:

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thea Gilmore - Chords - Avalanche

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/19/07

Thea Gilmore

Thea Gilmore's 2003 album 'Avalanche' combines her often minimalistic tendencies with just enough engineering to appeal to mainstream.

In it's entirety the album is one of her best works and the title track 'Avalanche', as with her complete songbook, epitomizes her mastery of poetic pros.

This is a summary version (w/out all the notes) of my original transcription which I posted to ultimate-guitar.com back in March of '06.

Am F C G (2 times)

Three PM
Blue as a roadsign
With a bag and some cheap wine
The suns in my eyes
The smoke trails of aircraft
The kite tails and light shafts
There's a language in the sky
There are bones
Hiding under the viaduct
Sweeping down by the railway line
Making wagers with the day
There's a rumour
Dirty as a chimney stack
Quiet as roadkill
On the northbound carriageway
And who's gonna raise a hand
When all we were taught to do was dance
Who'll be able to stand after this avalanche

Am F C G (2 times)

Well they sold you
Back your outrage
In a neat little shrink-wrap
And a beautiful face
And you think
That you've found your purpose
While they've been trailing the breadcrumbs
Of a watertight case
So you're shouting
But you're shouting softly
So no-one can hear you
And get the wrong idea
But behind
The closing eye of the tabloids
We will be waiting
And we'll say it clear
Cos who's gonna raise a hand
When all we were taught to do was dance
Who'll be able to stand after this avalanche

Am F C G (2 times)

Three PM
Blue as a roadsign
With a bag and some cheap wine
The suns in my eyes
The smoke trails of aircraft
The kite tails and light shafts
There's a language in the sky

Am F C
There's a language in the sky
Am F C
There's a language in the sky

Links for Thea Gilmore:

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Betty X - Building a Betty Machine

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/18/07
Photo by Craig Thomson
Betty XThis is Betty.

Vitriolic's anonymous voted 'most likely to fall off the wagon "...but what an amazing half gainer!"' Betty.

eX 'Salon Betty'.

This is Betty X.
Her sardonic truculance isn't so new these days but her ability to pound a message into your face in bursts of machine gun-like percussion, crunching guitar, punctuated (yet surprisingly lyrical) bass and her best clipped (not so secret) yelling voice are worthy of attentions reaching far beyond live shows.

She's created a type of industrial metal with a vocally punk'd edge. Quite possibly a serrated edge.

This kind of flavor is usually associated with a mosh pit or disturbing movie sound track but Betty hammers it out in a way that much of the time any refined desk jockey or couch potato can listen to and enjoy. Track after eye blackening track.
Photo by Craig Thomson
Betty X

If you're a fan of Evanescence and NIN and ever wondered what the two might sound like if you put them in a blender with a spritz of OTEP to offset the sugar and spice then you'll flip when you hear Betty X.

Has she taken 'Girl Power' too far?
Photo by Craig Thomson
Betty X - Spokeswoman?
Photo by Dan Nash
Betty X - Chairperson?

I hear she's part Irish and part American Indian. So am I but I'm also half Italian and that's what keeps me calm.

Betty -- not so much.

Has she taken 'girl power' too far? My inner 'hurt me' says "no" ...

Gigmates Johnny Spector & Teebes
Johhny & Teebes

Links for Betty X: