Monday, August 20, 2007

Cherry Pick - Summer Mayne

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/20/07

Summer MayneShe writes and sings easy listening folk rock and pop with a mostly indie-pop flavor.

Her voice is usually even tempered, though earnest, but sometimes carries an endearing sadness to it - like a soft spot exposed on an otherwise very strong person.

Back in March of 2006 I ran across her website and a song that has been one of my favorites ever since called 'Nothing Left To Lose'. It's still available as of this writing here. You owe it to yourself to hear this and it's a perfect example of that sadness/strength I just described.

She's got a song up on myspace called 'Oh Light' that is also becoming a favorite of mine. As of this writing you can download it as well.

Finally, I love her myspace bio. Check this out -- and give her a shout if you like what you hear.

I drive a Volvo stationwagon. My black standard poodle Abbs sits in the passenger seat. We like burritos. Sometimes I get frustrated when it's time to take my nap and there isn't a cozy space near by. I sing a bit too loud in grocery stores. I prefer windows that open and feel sad in some high rise buildings. I read before going to sleep each night even though sometimes I have trouble stopping. I try not to let the fear fester. Florida is not a place I would ever live. Whenever I try to take shortcuts I get lost. Who I'd like to meet: People who think they have the answers. People who have no idea what the answers are. People who look for answers. People who don't believe there are answers. People who are sure the answers are different for everyone. People who are sure there is only one answer. People who believe the answer is less important than how well we love. People who love to answer. People who answer to love.

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