Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Cherry Vid - Violence by Rose Kemp

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/14/07
Photo by Chris Lucas
Rose KempRose Kemp -- one of the most amazing talents of our time.

Sometimes she's a really big firecracker in a very small box. Other times she's a comrade in mourning.

She can sing sweet and gentle or she can take out an eye with a word.

And she wields her axe with aptitude -- exactly how she handles her voice. One minute picking out beauty in a choice progression and the next minute stomping on fuzz.

She's everything I ever wanted in a rock diva.

Two very talented people, musician / visual artist Frànçois and musician Rozi Plain (who obviously has her hands in visual arts as well), put together this stop motion animated video for Rose Kemp's song Violence. The result is a beautiful eye and mind opening amalgam of three amazing individuals.


Violence by Rose Kemp
Video by Frànçois & Rozi Plain

Nothing but the ticking of the clocks
The slamming of the stocks
Nothing but the silence on the street
Where we were meant to meet
There's nothing else to find here

Listen to the witness in the dock
The turning of the lock
You don't know why you're still alone
But the intimacy shown
Is enough to make me certain

The stupidest thing I've ever done
But it was so much fun

Nothing like the setting of the sun
When day had just begun
You left me silent by the phone
And I didn't like the tone
You quickly said goodbye with
Your chilling heartless undertones of choice
The weapons in your voice
They leave me feeling empty
They leave me hollow to the core
Like I couldn't fail anymore
Even if I tried to

Two three four

So I pick up the blankets
The daylight is fading
When I've only just managed to raise my head
So I draw back the curtains
It's six in the evening
And I've only just got the courage to get out
of bed
Nothing is right in my head
Nothing is clear in my heart
I feel like my body is dead
The day doesn't have to start here

Links for Rose Kemp / Frànçois & Rozi Plain:

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