Thursday, August 23, 2007

Emilie Autumn - Tarts and Bloody Crumpets - Shout-Out

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/23/07

Emilie AutumnThank you to the lovely wayward EA forum gushing lass's for your charm drenched words!

To solarfacade - you battered rose, MsLeFaye - sweet gun slinging tattle tail, Mistress TiggTea, violetfaerie (ladyjulianne oui?), beautifully miserable AngelOvRock and flee - undisputed queen of tarts (who held my hand through the acrid EA DT's) --

Thank You - I Love You!

Also a word of special thanks to the OE minxes manning the lines - your patience knows no bounds. I owe you a few evenings of misconduct and debauchery (bring your whips).



Anonymous said...

We heart you too Frank! Come visit the Asylum and have some tea!

-fLee, QoT

Frank said...

Ah my favorite spice, fLee! Would that be a partTea of plenTea?

I was away from this old ship for eight long months and a clutch 'o bits. Still getting my sea legs back.

Mosh kisses to the Asylum -- first one to bleed buys a round. And to the question eternal -- oh yes I am suffering and I'm loving every bite of it. -xo-f-