Monday, August 20, 2007

Cherry Vid - Le Marin by Babet

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/20/07

BabetShe seems to me to have come right out of the blue -- but what a landing.

Babet has been making quite a splash on the music scene lately with the song 'Le Marin' from her new album Drole D'Oiseau.

When I first heard 'Le Marin' I was delighted. Then I saw Babet sing it on live radio and was truly captivated. There's something about this music and as much about Babet herself.

Everyone remembers groups like ABBA and The Beatles with similar cause. It's not just that they made such good music but as well they had a unique spirit in them and for what they were doing. It was alive and visceral -- so real you could feel it in the air. And it endeared them to us.

People like that are rare so I get pretty excited when I hear great music coming from personalities that are so much larger than life. They just exude charisma and everything around them lights up.

When the video for this song came out -- I was just floored.

It's a thing of beauty for it's colors and effect alone but to augment that you see Babet and that intrinsic magnetism in her facial expressions and gestures. It adds a whole other layer of magic to an already enchanting song and to this pastel land of size shifting marvels through which she walks.

You can throw all the effects in the world at a project and still end up with a whole lot of nothing. This video, on the other hand, is alive and infused with a distinct flavor that can only be described as "Babet".

This girl is one to watch in coming days and months -- and years.

Le Marin


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Heather said...

oh wow, I just watched that twice. Amazing! Simple in story, magical in execution, and yes, Babet really shines in the charisma department. Thanks for sharing!