Saturday, August 18, 2007

Betty X - Building a Betty Machine

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/18/07
Photo by Craig Thomson
Betty XThis is Betty.

Vitriolic's anonymous voted 'most likely to fall off the wagon "...but what an amazing half gainer!"' Betty.

eX 'Salon Betty'.

This is Betty X.
Her sardonic truculance isn't so new these days but her ability to pound a message into your face in bursts of machine gun-like percussion, crunching guitar, punctuated (yet surprisingly lyrical) bass and her best clipped (not so secret) yelling voice are worthy of attentions reaching far beyond live shows.

She's created a type of industrial metal with a vocally punk'd edge. Quite possibly a serrated edge.

This kind of flavor is usually associated with a mosh pit or disturbing movie sound track but Betty hammers it out in a way that much of the time any refined desk jockey or couch potato can listen to and enjoy. Track after eye blackening track.
Photo by Craig Thomson
Betty X

If you're a fan of Evanescence and NIN and ever wondered what the two might sound like if you put them in a blender with a spritz of OTEP to offset the sugar and spice then you'll flip when you hear Betty X.

Has she taken 'Girl Power' too far?
Photo by Craig Thomson
Betty X - Spokeswoman?
Photo by Dan Nash
Betty X - Chairperson?

I hear she's part Irish and part American Indian. So am I but I'm also half Italian and that's what keeps me calm.

Betty -- not so much.

Has she taken 'girl power' too far? My inner 'hurt me' says "no" ...

Gigmates Johnny Spector & Teebes
Johhny & Teebes

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serafinafly said...

gotta love a betty with attitude! :) nice post.

Craig Thomson said...

If I were to die in my sleep, I would die a happy mother fucker since I've seen Betty X play live.

Not only have I been able to see them play, I've gotten to know them after the shows.

I'll tell you being an artist is a hard ass gig. All they hope and live for is the fans to fucking love them.

So show some love for what I would call one of if not the best hard core local band Seattle has.

For Betty X I have respect.