Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cherry Vid - What's a Girl To Do by Bat for Lashes

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/22/07

Natasha KhanI only found out yesterday about Bat for Lashes while reading the myspace blog of lotte kestner, a solo project of Trespassers William Anna-Lynne Williams.

Upon investigating I ran across this amazing video for the song What's a Girl To Do.

First thought: "Anna-Lynne you hear as good as you sound..."

The song is from the album Fur & Gold which was released between Sept '06 and July of '07.

If you read the Bat for Lashes bio and check out this simple yet incredible video and song we'll be of equal footing.

The brainchild of Natasha Khan, Bat for Lashes is worthy of attention.

I certainly plan on staying in tune.

Links for Bat for Lashes:


Heather said...

Bike choreography, holy cow! That's an image that is going to stick with me for quite a while, well done.

Her song "Horse and I" was the discovery download on iTunes a few weeks back - has a very theatrical, visual feeling to it.

Frank said...

Yes this one blew my mind. I was thinking "oh damn another video that is just going to go on and on ..." (with someone riding a bike or walking etc) but the song was so good I kept watching and then *dazzle!* I love simplicity that surprises and as you say 'sticks with [you]'...