Friday, August 10, 2007

Voices to Live and Die by - Katharina Nuttall

by Frank Gualtier -- 08/10/07

Katharina Nuttall
Deep, lush, dark but not jaded, commanding and yearning, intoxicating, somewhat androgynous and very sensual, beautifully unsettling and technically true.

The first time I heard her sing I was taken with goosebumps. Nine months later and I'm still waiting for them to go down.

Katharina Nuttall has a voice to live and die by.
Katharina Nuttall

She's also the author and performer of one of my favorite songs 'Place of Hope' from her debut solo album 'This Is How I Feel'. (see the video attached below)

You can find more of her videos with this Google search.

In addition to the more epic pop-rock ballad style songs you'll find above there's also a few softer and sometimes extremely wrenching songs like 'Our Kind of Love' and 'Dry the Tears'. Those two in particular are reminiscent of memorable movie score pieces. No surprise considering she actually has written movie scores.

And you'll hear the 'ish sounding rhythm driven 'In My House' and 'Shake It Babe' which you might think came right out of an dance scene.

Very versatile.

Having produced and performed backing vocals for the likes of (who does some backup vocals as well for Katharina on 'This Is How I Feel') and produced movie and video as well she is a woman of many hats.

'This Is How I Feel' is an album I highly recommend buying. It's a profound experience that will saturate you thoroughly and stay with you forever.

Katharina Nuttall - Place of Hope

'Down by the river there's a place of hope
A place of hope
And when the dark nights come that is where I'll go
It's where I'll go
You left a love-mark
In my heart
It hurts to Breathe
Hurts to breath
I was to scared to fall
I really had to leave
I had to leave
In my dreams
there's a place
We swim you and me
I wanna drown with you again
I threw a coin into a wishing well
A wishing well?
yes! A wishing well
But there was no coming back and no water to spell
No water to spell
In my dreams
there's a place
We swim you and me
I wanna drown with you again
Give me a place of hope
' ~Katharina Nuttall - 'Place of Hope'

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