Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lou Dawson - Cold Coffee and Advice

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/06/07

Lou Dawson
listen to the music of Lou Dawson and one thing I always hear in her voice regardless of the lyric is strength.

It's a strength that's tangible. A strength that makes you think.

You want to know how it got there, how it works, how it found you and how you can find it.

All that and at the same time you're just loving the song sans complexia in some bizarre twist of 'action versus reaction' neutrality.

Very difficult to explain.

They say "a picture paints a thousand words". I believe music is much the same so I included her song 'Cold Coffee' to go with some words she sent out this morning.

"late night musings

"happiness and success" is not something you are OWED.. it is something that you EARN.. every day of your life.. even after you "achieve it".

this is not something you can buy in a book or watch in a movie you heard about on oprah.

just be nice.
don't talk about it.
don't read about it.
don't think about it.
otherwise it doesn't count.

got it?

and by nice i mean EVERYONE, servers, elderly, cashiers, addicts, the homeless, and even those misguided unpleasant ones with unrealistic expectations of the aformentioned. they are the true challenge.

know why? because all of them are someones son or daughter, someones brother or sister. which in turn makes them YOURS.

for some reason we have been led to exist in selfishness. with no consideration for the unfathomable [amount] of life that [exists] outside of our own minds.

live like it means something.. because it does.

stop judging, stop hating stop complaining..

no religion here... i don't $buy$ into that.

love is free.

just like you.
" ~Lou Dawson


serafinafly said...

wow...great post frank! what a voice and i hadn't heard of her, so thanks for the info. :) good vibes...betty

Anonymous said...

I love this song! Great find. I'll have to check out Lou's cd.

Thanks for your kind words on my blog. I've added you to Muruch's blogroll. Would you mind to change your blogroll to the new domain (

Thanks again!