Friday, October 05, 2007

Cherry Pick: Paris

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/05/07,10/06/07

top an outright deluge of incredibly good music on the independent rock, pop, electro, dance and indie scene these past few years ride those incredible Scandinavians hanging ten and sounding like a million ...uh... Krona? Kroner? ...

From Swedens' capital city of Stockholm I find Paris -- a group who's been around since 2003. They're practically antiques by today's standards but I swear they sound as fresh as ever (I wanted sooo bad to say "as an eighteen year old on prom night.")

My introduction came via their indie pop song called 'Captain Morgan' from their 2005 release 'Secrets on tape' in which you'll find mention of several people including 'Barry Gibb' with a request to come sing some tunes in his falsetto -- I had to sit down I laughed so hard. All that aside it's a great song and so are their others.

My only shock is that they'd name themselves "Paris". Doesn't that bury much of heir press beneath that of Paris Hilton? Then again perhaps it actually does just the opposite and snags them a lot of good wrong turns. Hmmm... In truth I'm betting they hadn't thought of this at all -- I only mentioned it because my searches on them were nearly burried to the hilt-on... and also clumped with the rap artist Paris.

They released a third album this year (2007) 'The Landlord is kind enough to let us have our little sessions' on their own indie label Parismusic and I'm thinking I just don't get around enough that I missed them by a four year swath! KeeRipes...

Better late than never.


Captain Morgan

When I Laid My Eyes On You

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