Monday, October 01, 2007

Susanne Sundfør - Artist of the Month

by Frank Gualtier -- 10/01/07,10/06/07

Susanne Sundfør
heck this out. Radio has featured Susanne Sundfør as their October 2007 Artist of The Month

I wrote a small review for her new album awhile back and at that time it was very frustrating because information about her was sparse. Well not anymore! has done a beautiful job with loads of information.

There is a bio (by far the most comprehensive I have seen yet for Susanne), interview, gallery, videos, a signed CD giveaway contest and more.

Get over there and check it out -- they really did Susanne right and she's so deserving. you rock!

[ - Susanne Sundfør | website | myspace | Susanne Sundfør LP (Hardcopy) ]

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