Sunday, September 16, 2007

Susanne Sundfør - Susanne Sundfør LP

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/16/07

Susanne Sundfør
ore Scandinavian grace and little bit of magic cometh our way...

Norway's Susanne Sundfør released her self titled debut LP this year and it's a beauty. If I were rich I would buy everyone a copy of this and I bet you'd all insist on paying me back -- it's that good.

The compilation is an eleven track (plus one hidden song) pop-rock album in the same vein as some of The Beatles more poignant and mellow works like Eleanor Rigby while occasionally brushing more epic skies and rich progressions that remind me of Great Northern but always rent in a personal manner.

Both the afore mentioned harmonic progressions as well as her pros are often split into opposing hues of dichotomy. She sings in celebration of resignation in what sounds like a spiritual epiphany in 'I Resign' and of strength in loneliness leading to an open door in 'Walls'. The first song will raise goosebumps -- the second will quite possibly make you want to weep and in both, as with many of her other songs, she paints the backdrop as much with her music as with her words.

When I hear her voice I think of a butterfly. It flips and flops and flutters around so casually as to appear almost clumsy and yet just as that butterfly can navigate through a field of thistle without so much as a single incident so too does Susanne flirt with notes. An excellent example is how she ends each repetition of chorus in her song 'Gravity' -- dancing about like a songbird in spring (yet again against a somewhat jaded text) and tagging every note of these lovely alternating short scales. It's breathtaking.

She doesn't sound like anyone I've ever heard but I have seen her compared to Chan Marshall and I wouldn't argue with that too much.

Every song on this album is fitfully and/or joyfully moving and filled with incredible depth. She's only twenty one years old yet she sings of things very far beyond her years. Things many artists twice her age can't touch. She's one of the brightest stars in a sky filled with brilliant constellations and I simply cannot praise her enough as an artist or suitably elevate her work on this incredible album.
Susanne Sundfør
ere's a video of Susanne performing live at Rockefeller with the KORK orchestra.

This is a beautifully charged performance. You can almost taste the electricity in the air and Susanne's disciplined composure is as stunning as her music.


'The Waves', 'Dear John' then 'After You Left'

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serafinafly said...

gorgeous frankie!!! added another purchase to my list... :)

loving the new layout by the way...classy.

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Anonymous said...

Susanne Sundfør is wonderful.
A really good written report, too!