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Nancy K. Dillon - Just Let Me Dream

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/03/07, 09/15/07

Nancy K DillonIn 2004 Nancy K. Dillon released the LP Just Let Me Dream.

Though she's currently working on her next project 'Just Let Me Dream' is an album everyone who loves americana should own and I wanted to give it some attention.

While being a composite of americana, folk, folk rock and country it's the americana with it's rootsy edge that really sends this album into an orbit with the best of the best. Several of the 13 songs are true to the genre and two in particular -- 'O Susanna' and 'The Ballad of Mabel Dodge', which she wrote with Michael R. Bristow, truly stand out as americana poster children.

What is in that voice...

Nancy's got a strong smooth voice that nearly defines the word "comfort". It's rich and pure and has a sweetness to it that rings with depth. Stirred by vacancy, however, that comfort is wounded just slightly and she imparts this aspect -- comfort is haunted.

While the people she worked with to create this album are all very gifted it's Stacy Phillips, his resonator and a slide that just blaze against an already brilliant backdrop. You'd swear the man articulates his own self through that instrument for how he makes it talk and sing. Even when it's joyful it's nearly wrenching for how deeply it moves.

Of the two songs I mentioned in particular Nancy had this to say next to the lyrics of 'Mabel Dodge': "Mabel Dodge was an East Coast socialite who led the big city artists' exodus to Taos, New Mexico, in the 1930's. Her life was transformed by falling in love with a landscape and diving headlong into a trans-cultural love affair."

'O Susanna' is a song where both Nancy's voice and Stacy's resonator culminate in the same place. The only other words I can render are: If beauty were a kick in the chest this would hurt like hell.

Along with eleven other blissful tracks this album was put together with a lot of love and a lot of elbow grease.

It's every bit evident.

'O Susanna' by Nancy K. Dillon
1) O Susanna, night is coming on
Take your heart and keep it safe until the dawn
There I go again: wantin' the best for you
There you go again: sayin' that we're through...
2) O Susanna, stars light one by one
This old world keeps spinin' 'round the setting sun
There you go again: flying all apart
There I go again: the horse before the cart...
BRIDGE: Your wings are singed and sunburnt
While I sit like a stone
My stillness makes you crazy
You make me feel alone
3) O Susanna, don't you cry for me
Tune up that old banjo and play a filligree
Here we go again: dancin' on the flame
Here we go again: the music's still the same
4) O Susanna, don't you cry for me
Tune up that old banjo and play an elegy
Here we go again: dancin' on the flame
Here we go again: the music's still the same
O Susanna ...

From Nancy's myspace profile --
Musicians on "Just Let Me Dream" (besides Nancy K. Dillon) are:

Michael Hill (guitars/vocs/co-production)
Clive Gregson (voc/guitar)
Stacy Phillips (resonator guitar/twin fiddle)
John Reischman (mandolin)
Paul Elliott (fiddle)
Paula Walters (bass)
Jeff Simmons (Vox Jaguar organ)
Max Schwennsen (sax)
Murl Allen Sanders (B3/accordion)
Chris Leighton (percussion)
John Nelson (bass)
Mike Bristow (bass/songwritin')
Jay Weaver (drums)
Garey Shelton (bass/engineering/mixing)
Tom Hodge (clawhammer banjer/voc/songwritin')
Keith Lowe (bass)
Cutts Peaslee (drums)
Dan Tyack (pedal steel)
Dylan Rieck (cello)
Zoe von Beck (vocs)
Debby Nagusky (voc)
Ellen Burkett (voc)

Please seek out their music ~ these folks are just amazing!

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