Saturday, September 29, 2007

Gileah and The Ghost Train - Gileah and The Ghost Train LP

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/29/07
Cover Design by Jeremy Beasley
Gileah and The Ghost Train
wo years following the release of Gileah Taylor's well received album 'The Golden Planes' (2005) comes her latest project Gileah and The Ghost Train and a new self titled debut LP.

The initiate contract of producer Allen Salmon's new label The Love Library the band, fronted by Gileah Taylor (vox, keys, guitars), consists of Kevin Woerner (electric guitars) and Ava Quigley (vox, guitars, omnichord). Session players include Allen Salmon himself (bass, programming, "Odds and Ends") and Ben Phillips (drums).

While 'The Golden Planes' has a very close up and personal 'in the same room' feel to it this new album widens that space and has a larger heavier footprint. The former made use of negative space in constructs built on sparsity whereas the latter leaves almost nothing of the canvas uncolored.

This is a serpentine venture through quasi-gothic spiritualism who's stories coil and writhe around love and faith in their many shades including the inherent and the antithetical.

Lent the edge of Kevin Woerner's electric guitar and the joyous talents of Ava Quigley this album takes a much deeper reach into rock space, both in darkness and in light, than Gileah's previous efforts without sacrificing depth or any of the warmth for which she's known. In fact I find this, by no short measure, to be her most compelling and passionate work to date.

Being a long time fan of The Wilshires (myspace), Rilo Kiley (myspace) and The Cardigans (myspace) I'd say if you like any of them (or anything even remotely close) this is a shoe-in for you.

Scheduled to drop this October 23rd (2007) 'Gileah and The Ghost Train' promises to be one of the best rock/pop-rock albums released this year. It's available for pre-order right now -- see merch below.
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Gileah Taylor
elow is a live video of the song 'All I Know'.

I'm quite fond of this one. It's a great performance and the audio quality of the recording is excellent by YouTube standards.

Dig that hair thing Gileah's got going there -- smokin' or what?

Kudos to Bala Boyd for capping this.

Gileah and The Ghost Train - All I Know (live)

Track Listing
01.) The Devil
02.) The Emergency
03.) The Escape
04.) The Lazarus
05.) The Light Princess
06.) The Lion In Love
07.) The Satellite
08.) The Shadow
09.) The Slave
10.) The Spirit

The Devil by Gileah and The Ghost Train
When the devil comes like a good angel, but with a loose tongue. I can't save you now. When my heart breaks from all your mistakes, the times are changing. I can't save you now. When all your friends leave you broken, leave you to your disease, I can't save you then. I have longed for change, Oh to see you choose, Oh, you can't refuse, the Savior's hand. I have prayed for change, Oh, to see you choose, Oh, you can't refuse, the Savior's hand. I only care for you, my dearest friend.

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serafinafly said...

great post frankie! i love their first cd and will be eagerly awaiting this one. loved the vid, cheers!

Heather said...

The lighting is pretty killer too. Nice one, thanks!