Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cherry Vid - Copper Red by Sierra Swan

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/02/07
Photo by Jeaneen Lund
Sierra SwanIf this doesn't get your attention I swear I'm gonna crawl right through that monitor and...

This is the video for Copper Red by former Dollshead member Sierra Swan.

It's from her 2006 debut album Ladyland.

Sierra's a bit more of a label big shot than I usually feature here but through following her personal blog and witnessing her generosity with her music and the stories behind the songs (she's been giving away songs on her myspace profile) I've come to believe that she's an echelon spanning artist suited to a wide variety of palettes including that of those who read this blog.

Nutshell: I think you'll like her.


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Heather said...

She sure ain't shy! :D

Another brilliant pick, as usual!

Frank said...

Nope, but she's got the music to back it up :)