Monday, May 01, 2006


by Frank Gualtier -- 04/19/06, 04/24/06, 06/17/06, 08/14/07

Tastes like folk/alt-rock (kinda dreamy / kinda southern).

Gileah TaylorGileah's music is haunting, like a sunny day in a heartbreaking dream, and comforting like a series of warmly remembered lullabyes. The songs overall are simple in how they're served and yet there is a special complexity in how she paints emotion with blissfully memorable melody and an uncanny sense of how to push chords around so that they in turn push the heart around.

There is a review at her website that mentions the childlike aspect of her voice and they hit the nail square on the head. They mention a hint of Bjork in her voice and sure enough, it's trace, as a perfect spice should be, but it is there.

I would add myself that her voice is not entirely unlike Jessica Peters of Petracovich. I am utterly taken and overwhelmed with this artist.

To paraquote that same review I would say that she has 'cast a spell over me'.

Note: The review mentioned above was written by CD Baby's Tamara Turner for Gileah's Golden Planes CD.

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