Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bird York

by Frank Gualtier -- 05/18/06, 06/17/06

Bird York

Look who's on a

Wicked Little High

In a single word Bird York is luscious. Her sultry jazz tinted alto is smoked in soul and her copper locks set the perfect fire. I've seen her compared to many, including Sia, but as an old time Anita Baker fan -- if I had to try and give you some idea of her tone color that's probably the general direction I'd scoot you. Along with other talents she's a serious quadruple threat -- this woman sings, is a songwriter, an actress, and looks good enough to buckle the legs of a solid oak table.

To find out more about the unique composite that is Bird York check out her website and don't miss her video "In The Deep".

Click the banner above to purchase her Wicked Little High CD.

She also has two other CD's available:

The Velvet Hour © 2005 Blissed Out Records
Bird York © 1999 Blissed Out Records

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