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by Frank Gualtier -- 05/01/06, 06/17/06

Tastes like electronica / folk ("Bedroom Folktronica" ~Jessica Peters).

Petracovich -- Jessica PetersAccording to the Petracovich Myspace profile Petracovich is: "Jessica Peters - keys, bells, vocals and programming. Tad Wagner in the studio - guitars, keys, programming, sound effects Andrew Giacumakis and Eric Herzog play drums in the studio. Heather Houseman plays cello live at shows"

With exception of Debussy and Chopin (Clair De Lune and Fantasy Impromptu, respectively) Jessica Peters does the writing (she credits Chad Stone with the chords for the bridge to 'Driving Home') and is the primary voice of Petracovich.

I hear so much in this music and so well forged. There are Beatles vibes in the many of the beats and punctuating melodies. A distinct Russian flavor is infused into the music of songs like Others an almost conventional waltz with an ethereal quality that conjures both kinds of spirits, smiles, and the most charming atmosphere of a song you might hear in being played in your favorite little bar.

Below are two of my reviews on Petracovich:

(FIVE STARS) something fresh - it's okay to breath now, September 11, 2005

Petracovich, aka Jessica Peters with a little help from her friends, is THE most refreshing new singer/songwriter (artist) to hit the underground for some time. The songs are not all standard formula driven and seem to define themselves. At the same time there are distinct retro vibes hovering in songs like 'Birds in Flight' where there can be heard rhodes-like keys and even some good old hand claps in a sort of beatles reminiscent fashion. A good listen, however, will prove that at the heart of the matter is a sonically unique creature that is more than just the sum of it's 'vibes'.

Peters' voice is without compare. Like a sonic charmer she frequently conjures forth feelings of childlike innocence for some secret place where ancient souls are just being reborn. Often softly spoken in song she can ethereally haunt you and hug you at the same time. Like a best friend she whispers secrets in your ear that seem to know how to unravel your deepest secrets and at the same time at your side so as to never leave you cold or empty. Interestingly enough all I need say about her harmonies, melodies, arrangements (her style) is this: read what was just said of her voice.

She compliments the music with an equally alluring style of lyric. An example poked it's head above ground in the 8/31/5 episode of the television series 'Over There' in the beginning of the song 'Nighttime':

"Night time
Journey to the moon
On the back
Of a big firefly
Take me up above the city
Your hair
Picks up all the lights
Tropical fish in the sky
Take a ride, take a ride, take a ride, take a
Come on
Take me for a ride
Open window's the sign
Staining blue, soaked into my cotton skin

This is the perhaps the most enchanting collection of songs you'll find for miles in any direction.

Finally, Petracovich just released a new CD, 'We Are Wyoming'. Amazingly it equals the first and exudes as much kinship to it as both will to you. Like one more step in a path to somewhere undoubetly wonderful. This is a journey you'll want to take.

Cheers all - hope this useful.

(FIVE STARS) Welcome to the good stuff, December 3, 2005

Jessica Peters, aka Petracovich and Co., is worthy of the ear of anyone who appreciates being moved deeply by voice, melody and lyric. It is difficult to aptly describe this music. It is, to me, Jessica Peters writing and singing in a style called 'Petracovich'. Traditional sounds mixed with synth and the most gorgeous voice blend in what I suppose some might compare to songs that went big from epic movies like Dr. Shivago only modernized in a way you might imagine Azure Ray would perform them. Oddly enough I also catch glints of Beatles influences in her music as well. Got all that?

If you want to see Jessica sing one of these songs go to
and see how Ted Mills has painted the song 'Others' into posterity.

I mentioned more about Jessica's voice in my review of her other release, Blue Cotton Skin. Summary: Childlike Innocence, Whispery, Like an entity - reaches right out and touches you. Hard to drag that horse around with more adjectives. You just have to hear her and be touched by her to understand. If you do and you're good with articulation then please come back here and do her some justice with a better description.

With lyrics like:
Oh time is short
Nothing really works
We're staying up
So late that it hurts
from 'All I Have To Say' it's difficult to listen to some songs at some times without getting a bit choked up. While Pink Floyd proved that the emotional "drive by" is often desirable, more often than not Jessica's voice will be there to pick up the pieces so it's safe to close your eyes and fall into this music.

All told this rates amongst the 5 best artists I've got my hands on in the past decade and I buy a lot of music covering a wide range of styles. Jessica you are a gift. The rest of you unwrap her and see, you'll be amazed.

I hope this was helpful. -fcg-

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