Sunday, May 21, 2006

Martha Berner

by Frank Gualtier -- 05/21/06, 06/17/06

Martha BernerI thought I'd post here in the sub'blurbs a short little review I just submitted to CD Baby for Martha Berner's This Side of Yesterday CD (complete with spelling errors).

"Martha Berner - This Side of Yesterday

* * * * * Americana Folk at it's Best

Combining the basic ingredients of heartfelt driving folk with a lightly peppered contemporary edge Martha Berner has crafted a collection of Americana classics. She takes very simple piece parts and assembles them in ways that project powrful emotion into the listener. (I call it the 'Sheryl Crow Effect') Her rhythms impart a sense of motion that pull you along on journeys she sings about with poetically clever and charming lyric. Her harmonies are often beautifully simple such as the A, G, A, G alternating chords that pulse like the engines of a living train driving the mains of 'Lady of Plenty'. And like her melodies they are always catchy. You'll find yourself humming this music when shopping, out walking, and maybe even in your sleep. Her voice is wonderfully suited to her music and bleeds with confidence and comfort. This album, and Martha Berner, are Americana Folk at it's best."

Martha was also the genius behind the Friend of Howard CD which contains a couple of songs, as good as everything she does, not heard on 'This Side of Yesterday' and is touring with The Highway Girls this summer.

Check out her website also. And, as cool as it is to click on the lightswitch, if you like Martha as much as myself click on the little radio as well.

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