Monday, May 01, 2006

Molly Dean

by Frank Gualtier -- 04/19/06, 06/17/06, 08/14/07

Tastes like folk.

Molly DeanMolly Dean was an easy choice for me. Her guitar playing is good enough to stand alone and so are her voice and her songwriting. It's a pleasant surprise to find all three in the same person. Her voice is a shade lighter than someone like Fiona Apple (some will disagree with me on this I'm certain of it) but I can see where some might draw comparisons to Fiona and to Norah Jones. Molly stands out in my head so much however that I'd be tempted more to say that Norah Jones sounds a little bit like Molly Dean. She has one of the best vibrato's that I've heard and unlike so many others she is 'vibrato aware', using hers with a conscious skill to add without overwhelming. The production on her Resonate CD (I couldn't locate her first CD - sorry Molly - sorry me) is sparse really but again it's obviously a conscious effort, and a smart one at that. So as well this particular CD is 'production aware'. Another find that I am very pleased with.

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