Saturday, May 20, 2006


Kelly 06/20/06

KellyKelly does more than just support independent talent. She embraces it.

She's a life lesson as well. Don't just visit her page -- visit every page on her list. You'll see her smiling face there spreading joy, again and again.

I should live so long that I might learn to be half the person she is.

Kelly -- you are the rose in an ocean of daisies.

Ivy York 06/20/06

Yes I'm an Ivy York groupie -- what are you jealous?

See the latest in sonic fashion by clicking the image to the left for an eyefilling six and a half minutes of Ivy York's 06/14/06 live performance at Filthy McNastys! She rocks!

Stop the jealousy and spread the fashion -- copy the code below and paste it into your profile and yes myspace friend, you can be a chic Ivy York groupie too!

UPDATE -- Ingrid Michaelson 05/29/06

Ingrid Michaelson -- Girls and BoysIngrid Michaelson's latest album 'Girls and Boys' is now available at CD Baby! I just bought a copy -- what are you waiting for?

I also highly recommend Ingrid's previous release 'Slow the Rain'.

UPDATE -- Ivy York 05/22/06

Ivy York -- In Your ArmsI had to twist her arm 'til she squeeked but the video link will be going back up! If you wonder why this excites me so -- watch the video! Scroll down for details.

UPDATE -- Ivy York 05/20/06

Ivy York -- RetroRavi tell's me that they're working on a new video for Retro, a song 'Ivy wrote about a poignant scene near the end of the movie Brokeback Mountain'.

Visit Ivy York and let them know how much you love them. And bug them to put the 'In Your Arms' video back up!

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