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The Fire and Reason

by Frank Gualtier -- 07/14/06

Photo by Jena C.
The Fire and ReasonWith the recently released self titled debut The Fire and Reason kick a beat you can dance to, it up like and have a soft spot for celebrating dark grooves.

Fronted by the tantalizing voice of Bella Saona TFaR is a group of four highly talented individuals who's combined prowess yields a well oiled sound machine that is part , part and a little bit . This inherently implies such flavors as and .

I had already seen their video for the song Go and was impressed but when I got ahold of the and played it I found that they are not simply one hit dazzlers. The impetus of what I first found carries through.

Pleased To Meat You -- Guts of the Beast

The composite breaks down like this [Left to Right]:

Photo by Jena C.
The Fire and Reason

Thomas Buchmueller -- [Bottom]

Steve Narvaez --

Bella Saona --

Chris Bielfeldt --



Do You Hear What I Hear -- The Voice

Bella's singing reminds me of a bird as it darts in and around the trees in a forest not once hitting a single branch on the way. She often s notes just a few pennies low and emphasizes the 'tween's in downward . It's a style that adds to the dark TFaR atmosphere and gives her a distinct flavor that is somewhere between and . Perhaps better stated as a flair. As well she tends to sing away from any backing or s. I don't want to get too heavy on the but it's like running blind. If you can do it flawlessly it's beautiful. If not it's bloody. Bella doesn't have a scratch on her. Watch her face when she sings and you'll witness it visually as she shows the grace and control of someone like with expressions that echo the emotions of the song and not expressions that echo the challenge of singing the song. The closest voice comparison I've heard is to . Barely close to Bella's unique voice but it gets you in the neighborhood.

Beat It -- The Rhythm

In the can be heard a fair amount of rolling that reminds me of the style of 's . The ic seems at times like a forward from 's . Combined with a that tracks it, frills included, it is itself something of an evolutionary class bred from creatures like 's . These guys pump a rock solid and clean you can feel in your bones.

Careful With That Axe Eugene -- The Guitar

The work is impressive for many reasons. One is that you hear several types of sound. Crunching, clicking, s et al. Another is the use of obviously selective equipment and which leads to s of that completely kick your while retaining a crisp and clean demeanor with each catchy and jabbed out . In tandem with the just mentioned and some aspects a solid foundry is framed for each .

All Together Now -- The Sound

They have an interesting A B A thematic style of alternating between lush, yet always clean and tight, sonic assault and beat with suspended hollows which gives an interesting intermission kind of effect. It's also highly anticipatory as you can feel the strength of the carry on as if to say "take a breath -- you are going to need it". Fantastic and dramatic -- one of many classic styles and TFaR have it mastered.

They also remind me just a tiny bit of but it's difficult to articulate the exact reason. Given that they are it's no surprise. That is to say that they are a composite of many aggregates that they have into their own style. This can be demonstrated by consciously picking out the components and surprising yourself that they were even there because they blend so well into the overall feel. Yes that was a thopping out a ... Smooth integration.

What Are Words For -- The Song & Lyric

The aspects of the s are often dark and always either poetic as in Go with "I know you'll be fine making good on all those promises we now leave behind" or in the spirit of fun such as Faux Party's "Give me the sound, Give me the beat -- I want to see NYC dancing on the street". For those who love culture there's the Sin Drogas entirely in Spanish.

Whip It Good -- Live Performance

My personal TFaR favorite is the Go for which they have a live performance video of on their MySpace page.

The Fire and Reason
TFaR performing Go live on June 25, 2006 in , .

Well written and superbly performed the of The Fire and Reason is suited for , and just plain old fashioned listening pleasure.

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this is a great ep. really enjoyed each song. love Bella's vocals and the bands unique sound.