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Emilie Autumn

by Frank Gualtier -- 07/02/06

Emilie AutumnMy first impression of Emilie Autumn was that perhaps I'd stumbled upon a classically trained violinist gone renegade . I'm still uncertain if that was entirely incorrect but after a bit more ear time and research I'm finding she's more like a red hot onion with enough layers to fill a thick book.

She's a musical prodigy, has , is a classically trained and skilled violinist (she also plays a mean keyboard), a wicked composer with a fiercely passionate writing and performing style, a poet and an entrepreneur. As well she has one of the widest timbre ranges of any vocalist I've ever heard and can sound like anyone from to and anything unique or relative in between.

On A DayHer performance and compositional skills can be heard on her 'On A Day: Music For Violin & Continuo' album which she recorded at age 17. On it she plays pieces by , , , as well as three Emilie Autumn original compositions. Bach, Corelli, and Leclair were composers from the era. Ortiz was from the period. Emilie's compositions here fit more into the baroque style with their s.

By The SwordIn 2002 she released 'By The Sword' as a 9/11 inspired charity single. The disc, more an EP than a single, contains a total of four songs -- one of them in audio and video format. Written on 9/11 the title track is a goose bump raising tribute to those lost -- and those left behind on that awful day. She has this song available for free download in full on the 'By The Sword' section of her web store.

I want to mention a little more about this song because it really put a lump in my throat. Both for it's lyrics and the beautiful job she did with the music. It features an intro and inlays of style fiddling that is mournful yet biting in a way that churns the inner fire. Both a lament and a rally it's set to a strong beat, solid music, and poetic lyric that'll put a lump in your throat too and run a chill down your spine when she sings:

"For in this brotherhood I still believe
And for the ones we've lost my soul will grieve
Yet through the world alone I wander
For I know somewhere
I will find my brothers
By the sword I swear"

EnchanteOn 'Enchante' she covers a lot of ground and you get to experience a wealth of that timbre range I mentioned.

As for that ground you get everything from near with 'Chambermaid' and 'How Strange' to - with 'Ever' and 'If You Feel Better' to the -- of 'What If'. There's also 80's-retro, , and vibes threading through this album.

Opheliac EPShe explores still more of her expansive vocal and genre palette on her 'Opheliac EP', the precursor to either a larger work of the same name or the same thing under a different label -- something pending label negotiations. Here she dives into some pretty dark / water with songs like 'I Want My Innocence Back' and 'Liar' and navigates not far from the zone with 'Opheliac'. She jumps genre's completely with dark yet electro-classical style of 'The Art of Suicide' and goes completely ( et al) with 'Marry Me' -- a song that would lyrically make proud. I'm not even sure how to explain 'Misery Loves Company' but there's a strange companionship it seems to share with 'Opheliac' in that I think these songs are both sprinkled with just a hint of . 'Swallow' is sort of dark with it's use of the word 'giddyup' painting an exact image of it's rhythm.

It's very hard to get all her fingers and toes stuffed into one little genre box. Fortunately Emilie does that herself and calls the genre of her latest work "Victoriandustrial".

She's a fascinating study as a person and her music is easily pleasing to a pretty diverse audience.

According to her banners she's offering the 'Opheliac EP' as a special signed fans limited edition. I just clicked a banner and bought myself copy and got this nifty auto conf back:

Hello you lovely deadly thing!

Just a note to say thanks so much for ordering my new Opheliac EP, and please stay
tuned to the website for news of the full album soon to come...shipping is a bit
delayed due to a robbery that has left the Traitor Records office in shambles and
us replacing a good amount of gear, but please know that we have hired more staff
to get all the backorders out the door as quickly as possible. I might add however
that there are some hidden extras on the EP that I hope will make it worth your

Thank you for being an incredibly awesome fan and supporting victoriandustrial music
and the bloomered girls who make it...can't do it without you...

I'll see you out there on the road very very soon...

With Love & Bloody Crumpets,
Emilie Autumn

This is her best work to date -- click a banner (see below) and get one for yourself!

Your Sugar Sits UntouchedFinally -- I did mention that she was an entrepreneur. In addition to trinkets, apparel, stickers, stationary, buttons and tote bags -- she has a book of poetry available called 'Your Sugar Sits Untouched -- teatime poems by Emile Autumn'.

I don't usually travel beyond the music but a visit to her record label Traitor Records left me impressed enough with all it's widgets and gadgets that I just had to pass a few along.

See the links below the banners. Emilie Autumn is one hell of a musician and I am highly entertained by her. You will be too -- check her out!

Emilie Autumn Banners

Are You Suffering?

Are You Suffering?

Are You Suffering?

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Anonymous said...

Very lovely article! A nice read, thank you :)

Julianne said...

I was linked to your blog via the Emilie Autumn fan forum and I thought I would leave a comment to say what an enjoyable and well-written article this is. I will definitely be checking out the rest of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Emilie Autumn is by far one of the most talented artist I've come across. I love her music!!!

Gökçe said...

how can ı free download her album..

can u help me??

Frank said...

Hi Gökçe, it appears that things are in a bit of a state of flux right now.

Allow me to defer you to fLee, Queen of Tarts -- the expert on all things Emilie Autumn. She has a (mind the gag reflex) MySpace (okay breath) profile where you should be able to reach her:

I hope that helps and may your journey through ThatSpace be a safe one (watch out for the stalker they call Tom).