Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ingrid Michaelson

by Frank Gualtier -- 06/01/06, 06/17/06, 07/04/06
Photo by Jon Goodrich
Ingrid MichaelsonI sat down the other night to strum along to Ingrid Michaelson and quickly realized the level of genius she is. Her music is incredibly detailed and yet she puts it across as far more simple.

I first heard of Ingrid about a month ago when I read a review on her Slow the Rain album at I was smitten the very instant I first listened to her.

"Slow the Rain" is mostly piano based except for guitar accompanied "A Bird's Song" and the surprisingly divergent finale "I'll See You in My Dreams" which is reminiscent of one of Sam Brown's ukulele songs "I'll be Here". The album is filled with driving rhythm, lively and pulsing bass lines, melodious vocals, and beautiful harmonies. All of it executed with Ingrid's consistent vivacity.

Since then she has released the album Girls and Boys.

"Girls and Boys" shows incredible growth and forwards "Slow the Rain" like the next chapter of a book you just can't put down. She dives much deeper into guitar and the bass lines are yet more prevalent. As always the rhythm's are driven and breathtaking.

Ingrid's voice is immediately likeable for it's color, her contagiously dynamic manner of execution and it's exquisite technical purity. Because she sings seemingly without effort her voice has a constant essence of being fun. At times this makes you want to bob your head up and down and sing along. When the mood tempers, however, it becomes haunted and stirring.

Her lyrics are usually introspective, almost always personal, and sometimes sage. She has a gift for phrasing that never leaves me feeling awkward at the level of intimacy she shares.

UPDATE -- 07/04/06

Ingrid is a bell that you just can't ring too many times because she sounds so good. Take a look at what had to say this past Sunday about her new 'Girls and Boys' album. Also take a look at what Joe Szczepaniak of Stage Hymns had to say about it last week. We all seem to agree.

Check Ingrid out for yourself and see if you can listen without getting hooked.

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SL said...

It's so great that you like her as well. With people like Ingrid, you just want to go and tell everyone you know about her.

You have a wonderful blog here. I've added a link to it on my blogroll. I'll definitely be making this a daily read. I really enjoy how much you let yourself write in each post. You have some very insightful opinions in just the few posts that I've read.

Keep up the splendid work!


Unknown said...

I love Ingrid michaelson!!!

Anonymous said...

I found Ingrid on myspace music and i cant stop listening to her! shes amazing and so refreshing, i love her!

Heather said...

I agree, she's totally amazing and addictive! I just wrote a post about her too, and then went off to find out more about her and stumbled across your blog. I'm very excited to read more of your stuff!