Thursday, June 15, 2006

Clare Burson

by Frank Gualtier -- 06/15/06, 06/17/06

Clare BursonI just got ahold of Clare Burson's IDAHO ep and am floored. It's a bit dark in hue but there's an undeniable beauty in that as it explores feelings most of us understand yet don't always know how to put into words. And music is a medium that can tug at emotion without even saying a word. When word is given and it's as poignant as the music the draw becomes larger than the sum of it's parts.

Whether it's the ticking pulse and dark atmosphere of 'Take Good Care' or the acoustic charm of the ode spirited waltz 'Long After Midnight' Clare delivers.

Reading what others have written it's obvious she appeals to folk and country fans but when I hear things like the overdriven guitar that smolders mournfully in 'Blue Pearl' I'm certain this music would appeal equally to rock and other genre lovers as well.

She tends to pull you into each song with her music then keep you there, riveted, with her voice. I do mean riveted.

Her voice is crisp -- salient. Combining smoke with warm sibilant breath she carries both high and low end color at the same time and shimmers between the ethereal and the haunted. It's amazing and beautiful and creates endless permutations in how it's perceived depending on the song, how much emotion she articulates, and the mood you're in when you listen.

She's an artist of the highest caliber and will forever be a favorite of mine. My only regret is not having had her music in my life sooner.

Because IDAHO is a limited edition press hurry and get a copy before they run out.

Check out Clare Burson -- I'm confident you'll love her music.

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