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Rachel Zamsteen -- Bouquet -- EPK and Video

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/22/2006, 09/23/2006

Rachel Zamsteen -- Bouquet -- EPK and VideoIn the past few days I've had a chance to preview the EPK and video for 'This Gun' from Rachel Zamsteen's upcoming debut release 'Bouquet' that's currently slated to drop this October 10th, 2006.

When you buy her CD 'Bouquet' you'll get the whole package -- music, EPK, and video.

In the EPK Rachel discusses a bit about herself, the story behind some of her songs, her thoughts on her creative process and some general Zamsteen philosophy.

You'll also get to see video snippets from songs such as 'This Gun', 'Bouquet', and 'Drought' and footage of photo shoots. She's a classic beauty.

I'm particularly fond of the footage of her playing guitar. Being a guitarist myself I suppose that makes perfect sense but this will appeal to everyone as it's always impressive to see the technicals at work in someone we usually only hear.

As well in both the EPK and the video we get to her play keyboard. What can I say -- just plain neat.

This is a fantastic addition to the CD.

Runtime for the EPK is about 5:41.

In the video for 'This Gun' is especially nice in that we get to see Rachel move about in some of the bizarre ways that jazz tends to get people moving. I love it and would pay the price of 'Bouquet' just for this video alone. That's partly because I found myself moving about in bizzare ways on hearing the song -- nice to see the effect at the origin.

It doesn't visually follow any storyline strictly but rather takes story and thematic considerations and splices them together in a sort of visual art that takes you back and forth between both of them and a jazzed up performance.

Best of all -- seeing Rachel sing and play to the camera. She's very expressive. Often sexy and at times just playful.

For those who want the goods up front the video will be on both Rachel's website and her in a couple of weeks.

The video runtime is about 4:11.

The music makes me want to go see her perform. The addition of the visual media with the music both satisfies and intensifies that desire. Yes I meant to say that. And you'll see just how true it is when you get your hands on a copy.

Finally -- a couple of ways you can draw more attention to Rachel Zamsteen:

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