Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Rachel Taylor Brown -- Ormolu

by Frank Gualtier -- 09/12/06

Rachel Taylor Brown -- OrmoluThis evening while reading blogs I ran across some words from Mark Collins, the cultural genius behind the internet radio station Women of the '90s, that echoed my own sentiments regarding Rachel Taylor Brown and her new album Ormolu.

In addition to what follows he added that Ormolu 'blew him away' and said that he guarantee's that it will be in his top 10 list for album of the year -- a page of thought Mark and I share.

"Upright Man" was the first single that I played off of Rachel Taylor Brown's fabulous album. Two weeks ago I introduced "Linda" off of it and it's currently number 9 in this week's WOT90 Top 20.

"Ormolu" is the third single selected from the album. It is simply brilliant!

The 'Ormolu' CD is only 23-1/2 minutes long and I guarentee that you will keep hitting the replay button on your CD player... over...and over... and over... Hell, I played it back to back five times in a row.

This is a must have.

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